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This website operates mainly as a gateway to our YouTube channel, where we have over 100 ORIGINAL Christian videos created by us and our partners including full episodes of Jovis Bon-Hovis and the Creation Crew, Christian kids songs and original praise and worship music.

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Jovis Bon-Hovis and the Creation Crew is a fantastic new Christian kids' TV show that your children will love.  Created to be a viable alternative to the secular media that dominates television, Jovis Bon-Hovis and the Creation Crew is wholesome and decent while being funny and engaging.  It's the kind of show that children themselves will request.

Wholesome children's televison that your kids will love.


Production updates!

It's OFFICIAL!  Joseph Cheetham-Wilkinson Productions is now a record label.  We are able to offer contracts to unsigned artists and distribute to all the major platforms including iTunes etc.  So, do you know any great Christian artists in the UK who are looking for some exposure?  If so, send them our way and we may be able to help.

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Here at Creation Crew HQ we've decided it might be fun if the regular posts took the form of production updates for the next few months! 


Since we're so busy writing and producing all the great songs, Arty Crafty times, stories and pictures, scripts and so much more, we thought that it would be great to bring you along on the journey, and get everybody excited about what we're doing for the next show!

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So today we are working on scripts, and it looks like Mr Bon-Hovis is in for a surprise in this episode, why is he trying to blow up all these balloons? He doesn't even know himself! Mrs Bosanti-Crayco has asked for his help, but is there something she's not telling him?

Meanwhile, Stripy Monkey waits patiently on the Mantlepiece of Creation Crew HQ for his time to shine:



Christian Kids TV
All work and no chuckling makes Jovis a dull boy!

24.06.2013 Jovis Bon-Hovis and the Creation Crew Christian kids' TV show production diary.

How do we know if we're getting a script right for the show? There are a number of things we're trying to achieve; we want the show to be edifying, we want it to encourage children to engage with the faith on a personal level and on their own terms in a way they can relate to, we want to tackle issues which 3-7 year olds are going to find relevant to them in their everyday lives. We want to offer a viable alternative to secular television which the children themselves will choose into.

And we want it to be funny!

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And a good measure surely has to be whether or not it's making me laugh as I write. If I don't find it funny, how can I possibly expect anybody else to?

I must admit, I have an awful lot of fun writing for the show. Most of the actual 'writing' time isn't spend actually typing words on a keyboard, it's spent staring into space, getting distracted, snapping back into 'Creation Crew' mode and drifting back out again. The most successful writing times are when I'm almost dreaming; I'm in the house with the characters watching a scenario play out in my head, then I can rewind it, play it out again, tweak and adjust, and when it's right I just know. I'll often say out loud 'YES!' and quickly start writing. And that may only be a paragraph or two, and then I have to stop typing, and drift off again!

I should also point out that the whole process is covered by a lot of prayer, and it has been since the beginning. We pray daily for the show and its success generally, we pray morning and evening for the specific area we are working on, and on a more intimate level I pray privately as I am working for God to lead me in what to share with the children and what I should open up to them in any given show.
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The Lord is very faithful in his walk with us on this programme.

On Friday I had quite a block, I found that I was drawing a blank everywhere I looked. From quiet thinking time, aimlessly drifting through facebook time, re-reading old scripts and visualising was all coming to nothing. But when I lifted this up to the Lord my mind brightened and cheerful, relevant and funny ideas began blossoming in my mind. That has now become part of episode four and will be appearing on your screen soon!

I hope you're enjoying my insights into this production, I have begun this diary quite early in the process so I will be posting on the whole journey from filming to song writing to editing and launch!

In the meantime enjoy this sweet picture of Charlie, who you will have seen guest appearing in the show on the VTs. Just a little puppy here, we can be pretty certain he was asleep!

Christian kids TV

God bless you all. x
Jovis Bon-Hovis and the Creation Crew Christian kids TV show production diary!

Writing again today!

I think anybody reading this might be surprised by how much production time is taken up with maintenance and promotion of on-line materials such as the youtube channel, the main website and all the blogs and microsites.
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After I have written this post on facebook it will be posted to three different blogs and four different websites. Each of the blogs will then be submitted to places like Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Twitter and Tumblr, most of which require descriptions of the articles and keywords. So I say I'm scriptwriting today, in fact it will be a good two hours of article writing and blogging first. It's all very well having a fantastic new show, but people need to know about it!

A lot of work is being done to promote Jovis Bon-Hovis and the Creation Crew on youtube too, we have over 300 subscribers and that is increasing daily, hopefully over the next few years as we produce more and more of a higher and higher quality we will attract a strong and loyal fan base!

The youtube channel itself has to be tweaked and adjusted daily, to keep the search engines interested, otherwise it will stagnate and drop down the search engine results and nobody will find our stuff.
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So production diary this may be, but public awareness of the production must go hand in hand! So friends, don't forget to do what you can for the Creation Crew and share our videos, links, blogs and articles wherever you can. It gives us such a lift here at Creation Crew HQ!

Here's a blast from the past for you, this is just over two years ago now, at this point we had no idea that UCB TV would co-produce the show with us, is was a labour of love, we just wanted to do something nice for kids.
Christian kids TV
Production diary for season two of the fantastic new Christian kids TV show 'Jovis Bon-Hovis and the Creation Crew'!

Episode four script completed! (Applause, mini celebrations, small indoor fireworks go off *POP*!)

We're trying to be a little more adventurous in season two, there are one or two more pieces of set, and two or three new characters which you'll get to meet.
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As a writer, it gives me a lot more scope for scenarios and situations, there's more opportunity for changes in tone and mood with different personalities joining in the stories.

I find I have to keep reminding myself that such devices are available, and force myself to introduce them. And they are bringing a whole lot of fun with them, really enriching the whole environment of the house.

We've also been carrying on with the filming of the VTs at Creation Crew HQ, with the girls finally able to play with something they actually made last Saturday. It was so covered in wet paint that we couldn't finish off the filming!
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It's quite tricky writing this, I'm never sure how much information I should give's unlikely that it's going to spoil the TV experience for the kids, as children aren't really going to be following the production diary, but there is a tradition in production of not revealing all...however I can reveal that the little fella below will be making a cameo appearance!
Kids TV squirrel
Onward and upward, episode 5 scripting begins today!
Wow, what a fantastic time we had at UCB yesterday!

Andi Markham and his friend Jack will be presenting the Summer Line-up of kids shows during the holidays, so your kids are in for a real treat! Jack is such a character, a six year old lad bursting with fun and cheekiness! We really hit it off. 

Jack was kind enough to let me do a guest appearance on his links, so Mr Bon-Hovis will be there with Jack on the first Saturday of the Hols.
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Jack certainly had his work cut out, poor young lad, he had to film seven or eight 2/3 minute links for every day of the holidays! Wow!

Jack and Andi are doing amazing work in the UK, sharing gospel truths with kids in schools, in a similar sort of way to what the Creation Crew and Mr Bon-Hovis do on TV, but working directly with the children.
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Why not have a look at some of Jack and Andi's work, maybe even check out his DVDs?

Hello brand new day!  A busy weekend for the girls recording voices for our new song, but I must admit little Bella wasn't exactly overjoyed with the project.  She managed a line or two before playing outside and the desire for ice-cream got the better of her!  So most of the vocals will be Betsy and me singing together, with a little Bella cameo.  Coming soon.